3 Things to know about Your Ear Nose & Throat Health

When it comes to the world of healthcare, having doctors with different specialties, and individuals who are specially trained in certain manners as opposed to others is certainly a highly valuable quality. In fact, while many doctors are simply considered to be general practitioners who are able to work on a vast array of medical issues and concerns, often times, while they might have a strong general knowledge on most subjects, they are not familiar enough in any one subject to ensure individuals are able to treat certain highly severe conditions in any one area of concern. For instance, when it comes to having certain sinus issues, according to Dr. Dwayne Rollins, the top ENT Doctor Queens has to offer, certain specialties as we mentioned being an otolaryngologist or otherwise known as an ENT Queens patients with certain severe sinus concerns can undergo procedures, treatments and even certain surgeries as this doctor was specifically trained in such an art. And their skills extend far beyond the simply diagnosis of concerns, but in their surgical treatment as well. And according to Dr. Rollins, the best ENT Queens has to offer, while it is certainly a difficult profession it is valuable as it is one of the most highly in-demand types of doctors around. However, considering how popular it might be, far too many people are fairly uneducated on the subject – in order to help those individuals who might not be fully versed in the job of an ENT doctor Queens specialist Dr. Dwayne Rollins offers us these important things to know.

· Eye Sockets & Eye Issues

Your eye sockets are the recesses in your skull that are the homes of your eyes. ENTs treat issues such as breaks in the bones around the eye sockets.The fact is that sinuses are connected to the whole area from your forehead region, all the way down to your mouth area. All too often, individuals might experience some form of a trauma or health concern in which they experienced flaps of unwanted skin tissue in and around their sinuses. And as these flaps of skin tissue are revealed, they will only lead to worse and worse issues with the sinuses. And with the additional pressure that these issues can create, it can greatly affect and even cause damage to your eye sockets and the surrounding areas.

· Hearing Disorders

Two health care specialties focus hearing: audiologists and ENTs. Audiologists treat problems such as age-related hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).ENTs treat hearing problems that are caused by issues such as infections, tumors, eardrum injuries and inner-ear problems. According to Dr. Rollins the best ENT Queens has in practice this is often, as we might have mentioned prior, an issue that can come about due to the added pressure of poorly functioning sinuses. And again, due to this excess pressure, we experience issues in our ears and eardrums. While these issues will usually disappear after some time, they can drastically hamper your sense of hearing for quite a long time. And seeing an experienced ENT is vital.

· Larynx and Voice Disorders

One of the most important things to understand is that your voice goes the same way as the muscles, skin and other tissues in the area will go. For instance, if an individual is sick or dealing with other ENT issues, then their voice and ability to speak will be greatly hampered. Its also important to understand that according to Dr. Rolling, the best ENT doctor Queens has in practice, your voice is created by muscles that can become fatigued, injured or diseased. That can cause problems with your voice. Common problems with the larynx and voice include cancer; vocal cord nodules, polyps or cysts; and hoarseness brought on with age.

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