Ear & Hearing Issues

Dr. Rollins treats all types of ear issues, including ear
infections, hearing loss, balance disorders, and more.

Sinus Treatment

Sinus issues can cause a number of different symptoms.
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Throat Issues

As Queens’ premiere ENT specialist, Dr. Rollins diagnoses
and treats a variety of throat and esophageal problems.

Queens' Premiere ENT Care

ENT care is important for patients of all ages.
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Allergy Treatment

From seasonal allergies to food allergies and pet dander,
Dr. Rollins specializes in the testing and treatment of a wide
range of allergy issues!


As one of NYC’s premiere ear, nose and throat specialists, Dr. Dwayne Rollins has been providing patients across Queens with the highest level of care for over a decade. Dr. Rollins and his team combine their years of experience and a meticulous work ethic to treat patients of all ages, for a wide range of allergy and sinus issues.


Allergy Specialist & ENT Care

One of the most experienced ENT specialists in all of NYC, Dr. Rollins and his team have helped patients all across Queens suffering from a wide range of issues. You may require ENT care if you are suffering from issues including hearing impairment, ear infections, balance disorders, pain issues, tinnitus or ringing in the ear, and much more! Dr. Rollins also helps patients suffering from a wide range of allergy issues - ranging from common seasonal allergies, to food allergies, and everything else in between!

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Otolaryngology focuses on ear disorders including those that affect hearing, balance, and nerve pain. Ear infections are another disorder that ENT physicians treat.


Allergies and sinusitis are two common nose issues that otolaryngologists treat. Difficulty with smelling is another reason a person may seek the treatment of an otolaryngologist.


Patients with throat problems, difficulty swallowing, and voice box diseases receive treatment from ENT doctors. Esophageal disorders are another issue that falls under the otolaryngology specialty.


Otolaryngologists are also involved in the workup and management of both benign (non-cancerous) and malignant (cancerous) growth which occur in the head and region.


With years in the field, Dr. Rollins has seen it all. And no matter what your allergy and sinus issues might be, he and his team strive to provide you with a careful and thoughtful diagnostic treatment protocol - 100% custom tailored to meet your needs! Dr. Rollins makes sure to treat each patient with the warm, compassionate, one-on-one attention needed to treat all your ENT concerns.


Allergy Testing

Dr. Rollins and his team offer a wide range of allergy testing options for patients. From skin testing and patch testing, to blood tests and more - allergy testing is the best way for patients to confirm the presence of allergy related issues. Dr. Rollins and his team will work with you to identify a course of allergy treatment to meet your specific needs, no matter what they might be.

For more information on allergy testing and treatment, be sure to contact Dr. Rollins today.


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