6 Ear, Nose & Throat Treatment Areas

Within the world of medicine, there are a number of specialties, subspecialties and areas to learn about. This is important as just as many areas of the body where things can go wrong for someone health wise, there must be just as many areas for experienced, well-trained men or women to care for such regions and types of internal issues and more. One of the most vital, yet hardly known about fields of medicine is known as otolaryngology – otherwise a field of medicine that deals with the treatment and care of your ears, nose and throat. These types of doctors are known as ear, nose and throat specialists, and when it comes to being an ENT Doctor Queens physician Dr. Dwayne Rollins is part of a group of doctors who are ear, nose and throat specialists. These skilled physicians provide medical and surgical services for children and adults who have disorders or diseases of the head and neck. The important thing to understand is that as an ENT Doctor Queens physician Dr. Dwayne Rollins, is trained to treat a wide array of issues, and while it is conditions that affect the ear, nose and throat – in addition, there are a number of auxiliary issues that can come about from such areas, and are more involved than just your average sore throat issue.

To better understand the vast array of knowledge an individual who is an ENT specialist must have, here are some of the most important highlights to be aware of.

· Eye Sockets

The eye sockets are the recesses of the skull and what some might like to call the homes of your eyes. ENT’s treat a number of different issues such as breaks in the bones and fractures around the actual eye socket area.

· Facial Trauma

When it comes to the job of an ENT Doctor Queens patients will often present with a wide array of facial injuries including damage to the face or jaw, like fractures, or a number of different cuts to the cheeks and damage to the jaw and cheekbones.

· Hearing Disorders

Generally, in addition to audiologists, ENTs pay a lot of attention to the physical aspects of hearing. For instance, while audiologists treat problems such as age-related hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).ENTs treat hearing problems that are caused by issues such as infections, tumors, eardrum injuries and inner-ear problems.

· Head & Neck Cancers

ENT’s commonly must deal with certain types of cancer that affect the head and the neck, including melanoma, cancers of the mouth, sinus cancers, and others that involve the throat and salivary glands.

· Voice Issues & Larynx Disorder

Sinus and nasal conditions are pretty common. Problems can arise due to allergies and hay fever, nasal membrane or sinus inflammation, or a deviated septum (your nasal septum is the membrane that divides your nasal cavity in half. In most people, it’s a bit off center, but if it’s far off center, it can create breathing problems and cause repeated sinus infections).

· Snoring & Sleep Apnea

While it might be a simple nuisance for most individuals, snoring can actually be a sign of a far more severe, possibly even dangerous condition known as sleep apnea, in which you will experience the periodic cessation of breathing during the night, this can lead to a variety of issues that can drastically damage your quality of life. This issue can place a long-term strain on your heart and lungs.

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