Allergists & ENT Doctors

When it comes to experiencing unwanted allergy, cold and flu-like symptoms, there are a number of different options patients can choose to go about for their treatment. Often, if an individual is fairly used to having such issues, they will simply just chalk things up to allergies and either continue whatever over the counter or prescription medications they have been on already. However, in many instances, if these issues continually persist, and in many cases, even worsen as the season goes by, it can be important for individuals to seek out medical intervention – most commonly an allergist or ENT. According to Dr. Dwayne Rollins, considered to be the best allergy doctor Queens has to offer, who is also an ENT, there are a number of different possible diagnoses at play, as well as a number of different treatment options we should all be aware of. In some cases, like with Dr. Rollins, as he is the best ENT Doctor Queens has to offer, as well as an allergist, patients are covered completely from either aspect. However, in some cases, when they encounter a doctor who might not specialize in both facets of treatment, they may have to decide. In order to best decide, there are a number of differences out there that you must be aware of, as well as certain similarities when you have allergies, and other sinus concerns.

In most cases, ENT doctors are doctors, who generally specialize in some form of facial surgery. These individuals are experts in resolving structural problems involving the head, face, sinuses, nose, throat and voice box. According to Dr. Rollins, the best ENT doctor Queens has in practice, Allergist/immunologists are expert physicians who manage inflammatory (allergic) conditions of the nose, sinuses, ears, throat and lungs without surgery. Symptoms such as trouble breathing, sinus pressure, episodic ear discomfort, or a raspy voice can be caused by allergies and may not require surgery.According to Dr. Rollins, the best ENT doctor Queens has to offer, the American Academy of Otolaryngology– Head and Neck Surgery says that otolaryngologists (ENTs) specialize in dealing with disorders and conditions of the ear, nose, and throat, including related areas of the neck and head. ENT doctors are experts in surgical and medical treatment, for certain aspects such as:

· Ear: ENT specialists treat ear disorders or conditions such as ear infections, hearing loss, balance disorders (vertigo), pain in your ear, or ringing in the ears (tinnitus). ENT doctors can also treat ear disorders you were born with.

· Head and Neck: If you experience cancerous tumors, deformities, trauma, or diseases of the neck, face, and head, ENT doctors can do cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in these areas. Problems with nerves in the head and neck controlling smell, sight, hearing, and facial movements can also be managed.

· Nose: ENT doctors often manage and treat issues affecting the nose, sinuses, and nasal cavity. These issues may affect your breathing, smell, or physical appearance.

· Throat: An ENT doctor can help manage and treat conditions or disorders of the throat that can affect your eating, swallowing, digestion, speech, and even singing.

However, when it comes to a conventional allergy doctor Queens experts don’t generally focus on the structural issues and effects of the nose and nasal concerns, but more so the inner effects of pollen and other items that the individual might be allergic to. Allergists/Immunologists are highly trained specialists that diagnose, treat, and manage allergic inflammation of all types through nonsurgical methods.

Allergies are caused when the immune system decides that an otherwise harmless substance is now a threat (i.e. pollens, mold, dust mite, pet dander and foods). According to Dr. Rollins, the best ENT Queens has to offer, when they are in need of an allergy testing Queens patients can also visit his office as well – as he is not only just the best ENT Queens has to offer, but treats allergies through non-surgical means as well. Symptoms can be mild or severe, and in some cases, can lead to a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis when triggered by foods, stinging insects or medications. Allergic reactions to environmental substances are very common and usually cause recurrent nasal congestion, uncomfortable facial pressure, nasal drainage, throat clearing, and/or sneezing. Many people with environmental allergies frequently complain of having chronic “sinus headaches” or sinus pain. According to Dr. Rollins, when it comes to allergy testing Queens patients can also visit his office, as he not only offers ENT procedures, such as surgery, but also non-invasive allergy treatments. This is quite valuable as in the event a patient believes their sinus issues to be an allergic reaction, they can not only get tested, but in the event those tests come back negative, Dr. Rollins can also treat them using other, sometimes surgical means as well. Regardless of what your situation is however, some of the most important reasons to suspect allergy problems include:

· Frequent sinus infections

· Sinus or facial pressure

· Ear fullness, pressure, or popping in the ears

· Itching in the ears or back of the throat

· Nasal congestion, difficulty breathing through the nose, runny nose, sneezing

· Itchy, red, or watery eyes

· Recurrent throat clearing or post nasal drainage

· Voice changes or hoarseness

· Chronic cough

· Asthma, shortness of breath, wheezing

· Recurring bronchitis

The fact is that while these concerns might seem to point to allergy issues, they can also be indicative of other sinus and nasal passage issues that will require surgical invention from an ENT. For more information on all there is to know about your allergy and ENT issues, be sure to contact Dr. Dwayne Rollins today.