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Dwayne E. Rollins, MD is a leading ear, nose, and throat Dr. providing the best otolaryngology care to patients throughout Queens, New York area.

The practice utilizes the latest technological advances in otolaryngology.

When it comes to caring for his patients, he truly considers it a partnership. He enjoys educating and involving patients in their own care.

His philosophy involves not only treating the acute illness, but to search for ways to prevent it from occurring again.

TEL: (718) 978-54477  FAX: (718) 978-8752
Now that you’ve reviewed our information and have determined that you need to see a doctor, Dr. Rollins would be happy to help. Our office sees adults and children with ear, nose and throat problems. We are conveniently located in the St. Albans area of Queens, New York.


*Every other weekend

Call our office today at 718-978-5447 and we will be happy to find an appointment time to fit your busy schedule. We do our very best to avoid the long waiting times that are so common in many offices.


Our office accepts most insurance plans. We also accept major credit cards.