Testimonials | Dwayne E. Rollins, MD


Dr. Rollins is an excellent doctor. He took the time to discuss my allergies/sinus issues, in addition to even showing me a diagram of what was going on with my sinuses. Most doctors don't take the time to explain in detail, but he was really thorough. My sinus related issues are finally subsiding thanks to Dr. Rollins. Verified Patient
An intelligent and compassionate doctor who does his work with skill and grace. His office reflects him, well-run and reasonable. I Would highly recommend him! Thank you, Dr. Rollins. Verified Patient
Dr. Rollins is incredibly knowledgeable and answers all questions asked of him in a way that is understandable to patients. I couldn't be more pleased. His staff is pleasant and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Rollins. Verified Patient
I had the pleasure to visit Dr. Rollins today for the first time regarding an ongoing congestion issue. He was very thorough, informative, very pleasant and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Rollins to anyone who needs to see an ENT. Verified Patient
Dr. Rollins took great care of me. I've had an inflamed throat for multiple reasons and he helped me pinpoint a very likely solution that had not been brought up before by another doctor. He is very helpful and knows his field well. I got an appointment the same day I called too. I highly recommend him! Verified Patient
I was extremely impressed by Dr. Rollins and his office staff. I needed a minor but urgent operation. He was totally professional and did a great job explaining to me the problem and the solution. He also kept my two appointments on time, which I appreciated. I totally recommend him. Verified Patient
Dr. Rollins is very nice, clear, and efficient. I was in and out of there in 10 minutes and I made the appointment on the same day. His staff is also very friendly. Highly recommend visiting if you have any ear, nose, or throat issues. Verified Patient
There is a reason Dr. Rollins averages five stars. He is the finest physician I have ever met. If you need ENT services, this is the man to trust. I only wish all my doctors were this professional, this thorough, this competent and this compassionate. Verified Patient
Dr. Rollins and his staff truly care about his patients. He tries to go non-invasive unless he has to, which I appreciate. He's a good person and a very knowledgeable doctor. He takes the time to explain things in a way that you completely understand what is going on. Verified Patient